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Buy trendy Cotton and Silk Sarees online


For centuries, the saree has represented the pinnacle of Indian women's dress. The saree is a traditional Indian garment that originated in the Indus Valley Civilization. It is an unstitched cloth that ladies wrap around their bodies with a fitting top called a "blouse", and an underskirt called a "petticoat".

Embracing celebrations in the drape: Find the latest saree style by Janasya

With stunning features and attractive colors, an exclusive Janasya saree will become the ideal ensemble for any special occasion. The saree collection is ideal if you aim to look elegant and have a special function to attend during the wedding season. The kind of saree you wear can change depending on the celebration. During Diwali, Banarasi sarees and paithani are highly fashionable; during Holi or Dussehra, crepes and organza saree are in style. Whether it's a basic cotton saree, a pashmina saree, a silk mix saree, a bhagalpuri saree, a linen blend saree, or a leheriya saree, the saree is the most fashionable gift you can give. Stand out from the crowd with one of our many exquisite sarees that are available online at Janasya.

Discover the Trendy Saree Collection for Women:

Every occasion can be well suited for ethnic wear with Janasya's collection of the newest sarees available online. Our range has a variety of silk sarees, banarasi sarees, Paithani saree, silk sarees for weddings, georgette sarees, organza sarees, printed sarees, border sarees, Pashmina Sarees, and cotton sarees.

From gorgeous prints to embroideries, dual tones and weaves, these sarees in mesmerizing fabrics are perfect for every occasion.

Decked in the finest Banarasi sarees with solid Zari borders, a bride will sashay down the aisle to her future

Trendy & Stylish Silk Sarees for wedding functions:

  1. Engagement ceremony: Georgette sarees are a classy yet understated choice. Shop at Janasya for sarees with flower prints, net sarees, modern styles, and more.
  2. Reception sarees: It's amazing to see a bridesmaid rock an organza or printed saree while having an exciting time. We have sarees with designs or vibrant colours that accentuate their beauty. You may get gold sarees as well as pastel, colorful, bold, green, crimson, yellow, and wine sarees at Janasya. We even sell lovely sarees with two tones
  3. Sarees for Mahendi and Haldi: from basic cotton sarees to plain sarees, there are sarees to fit the color specifications and atmosphere of special occasions

Get Stunning Sarees for Women in All Colors:

Sarees and colors are closely linked, with cultural significance and personal preferences influencing color choices. Certain colors are considered lucky for specific occasions, like red for weddings, while modern sarees offer a wide range of colors and designs to suit individual tastes. Superstitions also play a role, with colors believed to bring positive outcomes. Fashion trends have introduced a variety of colors and patterns to the saree world, blending tradition with contemporary style.


Q. Can we buy saree from your online website?

A. When shopping for sarees online, on Janasya you can browse through different styles, colours, and designs, and you can often find a much larger selection than what you might find in physical stores. Go and shop for your favorite saree now to discover the perfect drape for you!

Q. How to drape a perfect saree?

A. The saree, an elegant garment in Indian culture, is a stylish and graceful way to wear it. It involves tucking the saree into a petticoat, creating pleats, and forming a Pallu over the shoulder. The saree is adjusted to ensure a neat appearance, and accessories like jewellery and bangles are added for a complete look. This traditional art form ensures a beautiful and graceful appearance.

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