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Save 53%Beige Georgette Floral Regular Co-ord SetBeige Georgette Floral Regular Co-ord Set
Beige Georgette Floral Regular Co-ord Set Sale price₹1,999.00 Regular price₹4,219.00
Save 48%Blue Georgette Floral Co-ord SetBlue Georgette Floral Co-ord Set
Blue Georgette Floral Co-ord Set Sale price₹2,199.00 Regular price₹4,219.00
Save 49%Lavender Georgette Chevron Co ord SetLavender Georgette Chevron Co ord Set
Lavender Georgette Chevron Co ord Set Sale price₹2,499.00 Regular price₹4,889.00
Save 48%Lime Green Georgette Floral Regular Co-ord SetLime Green Georgette Floral Regular Co-ord Set
Lime Green Georgette Floral Regular Co-ord Set Sale price₹2,199.00 Regular price₹4,219.00
Save 49%Yellow Georgette Floral Layered DressYellow Georgette Floral Layered Dress
Yellow Georgette Floral Layered Dress Sale price₹1,699.00 Regular price₹3,329.00
Save 48%Multicolour Georgette Floral Fit & Flare DressMulticolour Georgette Floral Fit & Flare Dress
Multicolour Georgette Floral Fit & Flare Dress Sale price₹1,599.00 Regular price₹3,099.00
Save 49%Turquoise Georgette Chevron Co ord SetTurquoise Georgette Chevron Co ord Set
Turquoise Georgette Chevron Co ord Set Sale price₹2,499.00 Regular price₹4,889.00
Save 46%Orange Georgette Printed Regular Co-ord SetOrange Georgette Printed Regular Co-ord Set
Orange Georgette Printed Regular Co-ord Set Sale price₹2,299.00 Regular price₹4,219.00


"Woven joy into high-fashion whispers of spring"

Just like a carefree soul playing stapoo amidst the vibrant blooms of the heavenly flower “Ashmeera”, eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring blooms in the enchanting season of new beginnings, the fusion and ethnic wear collection is enchanted by the playful tunes of spring, much like the jolly laughter of family and friends playing with flowers. The rich fusion dresses like A-line dresses and maxi dresses embrace modern designs with contemporary fashion styles that exude comfort and elegance. Choose from the wide range of Kurta sets in ethnic wear, 3 piece sets, and dresses for women as you create beautiful memories with enchanting spring occasions.


Ashmeera is a celebration of warmth and vibrancy. The 2 piece set, short Kurti for women, or dresses for women collection is designed to offer a range of ethnic wear for women offering traditional charm with contemporary ethnic wear style. Each piece from the collection, from 3 piece set, co-ord sets for women, dresses for women, or straight kurtas each piece is a must-have to the joy and freshness of spring and summer.


Janasya spring collection blends simplicity and elegance, crafted with a modern aesthetic and rich fabrics like cotton and georgette, the Ashmeera kurta for women, western dresses, and sets for women, perfect for casual brunch date, picnic, or day out event Janasya ensures comfort without compromising on style. The fusion of ethnic styles provides comfort making it a versatile choice for your wardrobe.


Q1. What is the inspiration behind the Ashmeera collection?

A1. The collection draws inspiration from the carefree spirit and vibrant blooms of spring. Just like the joyous laughter of friends playing amidst flowers, this collection embodies the essence of new beginnings with its modern designs and traditional charm.

Q2. What types of clothing are included in the Ashmeera collection?

A2. The Ashmeera collection includes a wide range of ethnic and fusion wear. You will find A-line dresses, maxi dresses, kurta sets, 3 piece sets, short kurtis, and co-ord sets. Each piece is designed to offer a perfect blend of comfort and elegance for various spring occasions.

Q3. What fabrics are used in the Ashmeera collection?

A3. The Ashmeera collection features rich fabrics like cotton and georgette. These materials are chosen to ensure comfort while maintaining a modern aesthetic and elegance, making them perfect for casual brunch dates, picnics, or day-out events.

Q4. How can I style pieces from the Ashmeera collection for different occasions?

A4. The outfits from the collection are versatile and can be styled for various occasions. Pair an A-line dress or maxi dress with minimal accessories for a chic brunch look, or opt for a 3-piece set for a more traditional yet contemporary style. The comfort and elegance of these pieces make them suitable for both casual and semi-formal events.

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