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Your Summer Staple: Chikankari Tunics for All Shapes and Sizes

by velsi patel 08 Jun 2024
Your Summer Staple: Chikankari Tunics for All Shapes and Sizes

Chikankari Tunics for Women is here to rock your world people! Originating first in the Mughal Court at Delhi in the 16th and 17th Centuries, it is centered mainly in Lucknow and other northern states. Now, as we all know, a good Chikankari makes for a great outfit, especially when we consider women’s ethnic wear and stylish tunics for women.

But don’t you worry my friend, for we here at Janasya have just come out with 12 new Chikankari Tunics tops for women that are fresh out of the oven, if I do say so myself. So, as a self-appointed personal dresser of the readers, here we go!

Sweet As a Peach

Peach is just so Peachy, don’t you think? We can even feel the warmth of the color even through our screen. Fun Fact: Did you know that Peach is often associated with Spring, Summer and innocence?

The Peach Chikankari Cotton Tunics for women comes in both Regular and Plus Size, for why should we chubby girls not get our dues? The Round Neck and intricate chikankari embroidery elevate an already good Tunic to great.

Mellow Yellow

Yellow is for brightness, for joy, and for happiness. Yellow as a color can often be regarded in a spectrum of ways, both for caution and for agreement. The color also stimulates positive emotions in facial expression such as happiness.

The Yellow Cotton Chikankari Tunic in both Regular and Plus Size short Kurtis comes in a potli button style with three-quarter sleeves. You can style up the Tunic with minimal styling to get a sleek and clean look. Just look at Kareena Kapoor Khan in Jab We Met!

Sophisticated Sage

If you ever want to look royal and of prestigious background, you can never go wrong with Sage. Often associated with Nature, Tranquility, and balance, the ethereal elegance of the color is not lost on anyone.

The Sage Cotton Chikankari Tunic for both Regular and Plus Size tops is perfect for those who wish to make a simple and casual yet striking fashion statement. The soft cotton used in crafting the Tunic is velvet soft on the skin, feeling like the texture of clouds.

Beige: The New Black

If there ever is a color which holds a unique position in the color wheel, it is none other than beige. While perceived as a color of simplicity and comfort, it is where warmth and coolness intersect.

The Beige Cotton Chikankari Tunic for both Regular and Plus Size brings a sense of quiet sophistication and timeless elegance. The Tunic is such that it complements other colors, creating a safe bridge. Talk about versatility!

Lavish Lavender

Lavender is fragrant, Lavender is graceful, Lavender is nurturing, Lavender is everything you want it to be. The color generally has a regal air to it due to it being associated with royalty.

The Lavender Cotton Chikankari Tunic for both Regular and Plus Size has full front white embroidery and can be paired with light leggings and big jhumkas for a contemporary Indian look.

Calming Blue

Did you know that Blue was the last color to be coined as a term in the English Language? Apparently, Blue is very infrequent in nature, and has a shorter history than the other colors.

The Blue Cotton Chikankari Tunic for both Regular and Plus Size is of short length, making it a perfect choice for casual outings. The embroidery around the neck and front of the Tunic emulates the spring floral theme, adding traditional ethnic designs that makes Chikankari work famous around the world.

So, there you have it folks! The new Chikankari Collection is here to make your summer brighter than ever before. Daily wear, office wear, like a Co-ord set, wear it however you want. You can find the Tunics at various outlets as well as online. So, lighten your heart (as well as your wallet...) and make this summer yours!

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