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Rashmika's Geetanjali Inspired Looks from Movie "Animal"

by Himanshu Joshi 05 Dec 2023
Rashmika's Geetanjali Inspired Looks from Movie "Animal"

Rashmika's Geetanjali Inspired Looks from Movie "Animal"

In the realm of Bollywood fashion, every movie introduces iconic looks that captivate the audience. One such standout appearance is Rashmika's character as Geetanjali in the movie "Animal." Rashmika has worn stunning ensembles in the movie, including sarees, Anarkali red kurta sets, and elegant white kurta.

The Geetanjali Red Saree

Rashmika's portrayal of Geetanjali in "Animal" has left fashion enthusiasts in awe, especially with her ethereal saree looks. The sarees worn by Rashmika in the movie are a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Janasya's collection, inspired by these looks, captures the essence of Geetanjali's grace. The sarees feature intricate designs, vibrant colors, and the same attention to detail that made Rashmika's on-screen appearance unforgettable.

Festive Kurta Set

In one of the scenes, Rashmika exudes elegance in a striking kurta set for her Karwa Chauth look. The ensemble combines rich fabrics, intricate embroidery, and a silhouette that accentuates her grace. Janasya, drawing inspiration from this iconic look, has crafted a similar kurta set for those who wish to embrace the regal charm of Geetanjali. The ensemble reflects the fusion of tradition and modernity, creating a timeless piece for any special occasion.

White Saree

The white saree worn by Geetanjali is a visual feast of elegance and finesse. Rashmika's grace and brightness are highlighted by the natural fluidity with which the saree drapes around her body. The ensemble is a great option for a variety of events because it perfectly combines tradition and modern style.

The Dresses

Rashmika's white dress from the movie showcases simplicity with a touch of sophistication as styled it with a scarf around her neck. The clean lines, delicate embellishments, and the choice of elegant white makes it a classic ensemble. Janasya's interpretation of this look maintains purity and elegance, offering a versatile white dress that can seamlessly transition from casual events to fun gatherings.

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