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Exclusive Designer Kurti Back Neck design from Janasya

by Himanshu Joshi 08 Jan 2024
Exclusive Designer Kurti Back Neck design from Janasya

Kurtas has always been a must-have item of clothing that combines cultural aspects with modern design in the world of ethnic fashion. Don’t we always wish to add some fashion element to our clothes that makes them stand out and be different, that one detail that speaks for the outfit? Here we will talk about back neck designs which is one of the main components that adds overall appeal to the Kurti.

A Kurti's visual appeal is its neck design, serving as a canvas for creative construction and patterns.

Traditional Style with U-Shaped or Square Back Neck: The classic style with a U-shaped or square back neck is a classic that elevates any Kurti. Its understated elegance complements the wearer's feminine appeal and works well for a variety of settings

Majestic Elegance with Inverted pleat Back Neck: An inverted pleat back neck design will up your Kurti's style factor. This detailing, which was inspired by traditional pleats, has an ethnic and regal appearance. This style adds a royal touch to your ensemble and works wonderfully for festive and joyous occasions.

Modern gathers on Back Yoke:A gathered yoke design is a great option for people who value contemporary style. This style gives the Kurti a modern touch with a complete seam on the yoke with gathers. Make a statement in style at social events by pairing it with striking designs or contrasting fabrics.

Bohemian Feels with Tassel Tie Back Neck: Use a tassel tie back neck design to capture the spirit of bohemian style. Kurti's tassels give it a fun, carefree vibe that makes it perfect for outdoor and casual settings. Try expressing your unique style by playing around with contrasting tassels and bright hues.

Embrace drama and sensuality with a collar neck: Your Kurti will look glamorous with a dramatic appeal in this daring and bold shape, which makes it appropriate for parties and evening gatherings. Go bold with your accessories to finish the appearance and draw attention everywhere you go.

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