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by Himanshu Joshi 09 May 2024

A woman plays multiple roles in her life, she becomes a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a mother, and later a grandmother. Mother’s Day is not just about moms, but so many amazing people who help us become better people. Make sure to provide your mums with the best memorable gift, that is not just a tangible thing but provides an intangible emotion, a feeling, a touch of serenity. On this day let’s celebrate every woman who has been motherlike to you, gift them the precious ensembles from Janasya. Shop early for possible delays in shipping. Choose from the best handpicked for your mother, or a mother like you.


For every mom who is working, for every mom who is a homemaker, for moms who lost their babies, for moms who are expecting, for moms who have pets, and for moms who are you! Janasya embraces you, adores you, beautifies you, loves your scars, and loves your struggles, as we aspire to your, and style you. Janasya offers an extensive range of Kurtas for moms, Kurta Sets for moms, Tunics for moms, Maternity wear for moms-to-be, Dresses for moms, etc.

The styles showcase vibrant hues and exclusive silhouettes in rich breathable fabrics, the Janasya outfits embraces motherhood. Try out the modern contemporary styles from Janasya, and gift your mothers the trendy styles that will make them fall in love with their looks, no matter what age you are, whether you are a young mother, or you are buying for your mother, these styles will look magnificent on all.

Gift your mum an elegance from Janasya, a touch to admire, and a hug, find your favorite Janasya outfit and twin it with your loved ones. For every mother who is a recent mother or a mom-to be, for every mother whose son/daughter is now married, school going, or they lost them, you are strong and Janasya salutes you, encourages you to beautify your moments, or scars, styling these exclusively curated outfits just for you.


Dear Mom,

Not Just Today But Every Day is Your Day!

I remember how you always put me and everyone first by forgetting your own needs and dreams. How are you so understanding that you get to know all my worries without even me telling?

You have been the biggest supporter each time, be it my first bicycle learning lesson, my first school dance performance, my graduation ceremony, or my wedding day. You were there beside me like my own shadow


Gift her the love, the elegance from Janasya curated collection for her.

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