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Beat the Heat with Breezy Summer Styles by Janasya

by velsi patel 30 May 2024
Beat the Heat with Breezy Summer Styles by Janasya

Howdy ladies! Summer is here. In this blazing heat, being fashionable is a must for anyone, be it just picking up groceries from the supermarket or hitting the beach. But how is dressing for summer different than every day? Janasya is here with all the answers!

Cotton for Everyday Comfort

Now you might be thinking, “Why should I wear Cotton Clothes?” My friend, Cotton will be your best companion when you are out in the heat. Cotton can easily absorb sweat from your body, and the fine threads make it more breathable than say, silk. Here at Janasya, we offer various choices catering to everyone. From Kurtis, Dress, Tunics, and more, this summer you will have no shortage of fashionable cotton clothes!

Kurta Sets that Slay!

Kurta Sets are classic, with these 3 being the standard for summers. The breathable fabric and floral designs encapsulating the true essence of summer.

Dresses for every occasion

In this contemporary world, Dresses reign supreme! The fit and flare of these makes them the perfect outfits for a beachside party or a casual day out with your girls. Throw out the stuffy denims and say hello to easy-breezy ethnic fusion cotton dresses.

Light & Breezy Georgette

Georgettes are the next choice for those who prefer a breezy garment. The fabric is crafted with silk and synthetic yarns and has a soft texture, which is free flowing, lightweight and thin. Georgette garments look best when they are draped across the body artfully, and the cooling effect ensures that you don’t overheat.

Here at Janasya, the sky is the limit. We have Georgette Dresses, Co-Ord Sets, Tunics, Kurta Sets and more! The durability of Georgette guarantees a smooth sweat free summer.

Co-Ord Sets that co-ordinate with your mood

It is the year 2024, and Co-Ord Sets are making waves in the world! The matching Tops and Bottoms are in fashion, and as you know, we at Janasya are never behind. The cotton Co-Ord sets are both breathable and breath-taking, ensuring that you look fabulous!

Tunics that are versatile

Lastly, Georgette Tunics are for the everyday girlies, flowy but with enough structure so that your silhouette looks sharp, with the summer sunset giving you the perfect backdrop.

The fit of these clothes is perfect for summer hangouts, with the flare of the garments adding a romantic feel that will sweep you off your feet. The prints in the Kurta Sets and Dresses emerge to be your summer buddy, with floral motifs running all over.

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