Which is the Best Winter Wear Kurtis?

The end of the year is here which has brought the most awaited, cosy and comfy season to us, the winter season. We often think that we will have to compromise with our looks and style and wear only the things that will keep us warm. Well, this is true if some of the western apparels are considered. But we all know our favourite Indian wear is always there to the rescue. Kurtis have become an integral part of our daily lives and what makes them more desirable and close to us is that we can wear them all the time, right ladies? Janasya brings to you the best winter collection and guess what, without compromising with the patterns, designs and colours! Janasya has always brought the best kind of kurtis of all kinds and in all seasons. Let us now tell you what kind of fabrics and patterns are best suited for you this winter season.

  • Fabrics- Choosing the perfect fabric for your daily as well as party wear winter kurtis is a very important thing because along with looking good we have to take care that we do not feel cold. Some of the fabrics that are well suited for winters are cotton, rayon and silk. There are other fabrics as well but these complete your elegant look while providing the comfort and warmth you need.
  • Colour- It is always believed that colours play a very important role in adding that extra comfort to your look and indeed that is true. Darker shades of colours are a big yes for this cold season. Grey, black, chocolate brown, maroon and many more dark shades are preferred over lighter shades. But this does not mean that the lighter shades have to be completely boycotted. Light shades can be worn for the day events and you would be good to go!
  • Patterns and designs- Long Kurti with full sleeves, short kurtis, woollen anarkalis are the most preferred kind of ladies kurtis patterns in the winter season. They can be paired up with denim jeans, warm leggings and pants. Palazzos and skirts can be worn too but only on less cold days because remember, we have to keep ourselves warm too, right?
  • Extra clothing- Another big concern that ladies have is that how we can avoid wearing extra clothing like cardigans and sweaters over your favourite outfits. Sometimes yours kurtis or any other outfits can be so beautiful that wearing anything else over them becomes really heart breaking. Wearing coats, cardigans and sweaters can add to your complete kurti look if you choose the right colour and pattern.
  • Weight- Woollen kurtis can be often heavier than usual because of the thick fabrics. This is very rarely desirable. There are many kurtis which are warm and light and can go with any events that you want to them to.

The above given points are some of the things we have to keep in our minds while buying kurtis in winter seasons. Finding the perfect winter kurti for yourself can be a big task because you have to keep a lot of important things in mind. You want to look classy and elegant but at the same time you cannot compromise with your health. We know how tiring it can be shop the right clothes for yourself especially in winters where the collections are usually not so big. But Janasya knows that shopping is one of the most important things in your lives and we are here to make that experience super easy for you. You not only find a vast variety of kurtis here, including all kinds of colours, patterns, fabrics and designs, but also categorised in an organised manner and that too at very reasonable prices. We know along with the quality, the investment you make is very important for you. This is why we have additional offers and discounts just for you which make Janasya the right and the best choice for your shopping sprees! So right here, we present to you our winter collection which will make you look the best at any event you want to go to even without compromising with your health. So what are you waiting for? Scroll right away and add your favourite kurtis online n your shopping cart! Happy shopping!