Style guide for choosing Kurti according to your body type


When it comes to clothes we usually end up buying the ones we like instead of choosing ones which suit us or our body type. This does not mean that we are limiting the options for you here. Instead, we are just guiding on what will suit you the best. After all, knowing and grooming yourself is also a part of body positivity.

So find your type and style yourself…

Apple Shaped Body

Apple-shaped body type has rounded shoulders, big bust, good strong legs and flattish butt. Girls with this body type should select kurtis which are darker in shades and are embellished on the neckline, preferably V-shaped. A-line seamless kurtis are best for this body type.

Banana shaped body

This type of body shape has a straight built with straight shoulders, hips and rib cage. Ladies with this body type should wear kurtis that have broad and deep necks. Anarkali and kurtis made of heavy fabric add the needed volume to this body type. Kurtis with plates, panel detailing and front packet gives an illusion of a curvy profile.


The pear-shaped body has full hips and thighs, a defined waist and narrow shoulders. The upper body is smaller than the hips in this type which is highlighted when paired with anarkalis and kurtis with flare. Go for textured prints, collared neck, boat neck and square neck to draw attention to the upper body. Ladies kurtis paired with bright colored or darker lowers suits best to this body type.

Hourglass shaped

This body type has a defined bust, waist and hips which is why this body type has the privilege to choose kurtis with no tension of trying them out before buying. Ensure wearing fitted kurtis with deep necks and try straight cut bottoms and palazzos to add length.

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